The story of the Pettigrew - Trimble Charge at Gettysburg is one which has been poorly covered by historians in the years since the Battle of Gettysburg was fought. Most historians have focused their attention on the three Virginia brigades of Major General George Pickett and have given little coverage to the six brigades that assaulted the Union line  to the North of Pickett. The soldiers from North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama who advanced in the afternoon of July 3rd and faced the same artillery fire and musketry are rarely and poorly covered by the histories of the battle.
   Now a book is available which required three years of research; travel to state capitols and archives; contacts with hundreds of ancestors and examination of hundreds of pension files and letters.
  Don Ernsberger, the author of Paddy Owen's Regular's and At The wall has produced a 560 page work on the Pettigrew - Trimble Charge at Gettysburg which includes not only all the action but a complete regimental muster by company of all the Confederate units which crossed the Emmittsburg Road and assaulted the Union line.
  Enjoy this book website and learn why this book is a must for Civil War students and for
those who are descendants of the men in The Pettigrew - Trimble assualt July third 1863.
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